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Copy Editing

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Copy Edit:

By the time a manuscript is ready for a copy edit, most of the big picture narrative issues are sorted.

At this stage, vocabulary choice, sentence structure (length, variation, awkward turns of phrase), spelling and punctuation are ready for close examination. Any and all remaining narrative gaps, with particular attention to the logical sequences of events, timeline, plot and character consistencies are also carefully assessed.



This service is often provided for writers who choose to self-publish. I do not recommend using your editor for proofreading. If I have been your editor, I have travelled with you through the manuscript assessment, developmental edit and copy edit stages. I have therefore been far too closely involved with the text to be able to see tiny remaining errors. I refer proofreading services to trusted colleagues rather than risk missing critical errors in text. My trusted colleagues, in turn, refer proofreading work for clients who have travelled with them through the developmental editing stages.

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I love to support writers in all their projects. Whether you’re looking for a full manuscript assessment, a light proofread, or something in between, I’m happy to oblige.

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